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Recovering Christian Manhood

2/19/2015 3:00:00 PM — I am blessed to have three strong women in my immediate family: my mother, Mrs. Ellen Parsley: my wife, Joni; and our daughter, Ashton. All of them are incredibly gifted for ministry, and they enrich my life more than I could ever hope to express in words. I’m a better man and a better minister of the Gospel because of the influence each of them has brought to my life.

But there are things my mother, my wife and my daughter should not be expected to do, or even attempt, because they are not men. Your Bible says that God created us male and female, clearly implying that He intended each gender to fulfill different functions. If we were all intended to be interchangeable, why did He bother to create two radically different types of humans?

That is expressly not to say that a man’s role is less important than a woman’s – far from it! But Christian men in particular should ignore the feminist lie that there is no functional difference between men and women, and intentionally fulfill the role for their families that God intended.Read More