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Overcoming 'Flannelgraph Syndrome'

9/16/2012 2:49:00 PM — One of the greatest miscalculations of cultural Christianity is the presentation to the world of a Jesus that leaders believe the masses will accept. As a result we have churchgoers who join us throughout the Christmas season but won’t darken the door for a Good Friday service – because they relate to the baby Jesus of Christmas, but not the suffering Jesus of Good Friday.

We think we get to choose which Jesus we worship, but God doesn’t offer us options. The Jesus God gives us is one who came to earth as a baby, certainly. But more importantly, He suffered and died the cruelest death imaginable to redeem us from an even more horrific fate. That is why we worship Him, and why we must always remember the cross.Read More

There's Hope for the Cross-less Generation

9/5/2013 9:52:00 AM — Our congregation hasn't done "church as usual" for a very long time. More like church unusual. So nobody thought anything was amiss two Sundays ago when at the end of our praise and worship time, our brilliant worship leader, Lisa Brunson, asked the people to be seated to hear one more song.

We're used to passionate music from Lisa and her team, and that's certainly what we got. We also got something nobody could have expected.Read More